Eh Bro Ya Banned Me Ad

A Kiwi commercial with kids talking about their dad’s  drug driving habits has been banned. It’s friggin hilarious …


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11 responses to “Eh Bro Ya Banned Me Ad

  1. And they wonder why us MAINLANDERS mock them Loon. Do you watch KIWI Highway Patrol? It’s friggin “HILEERIOUS”

      • I loved it the other night when the cops pulled over a car full of “bros” for chucking a drink bottle out onto the highway. Driver “bro” wouldn’t give up the name of the guy who did it… until the cop told him the fine if he goes to court could be $10,000.00 . Certainly loosened up his “lups” eh bro lol. New Zealand must be the most bogan country on the map I swear!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome …

  3. What a strange place that must be. Those children are lovely though.

  4. what language were they speaking?

    I barely understood a word !

    • Dunc are you blazed bro, ye can’t undertand English? They are a weird mob of people. It IS hard to understand and they actually make movies. Sad movies that we laugh all the way through. The language is English but because they were inundated with Scots, Pomes and God know what else the accent is all over the place. The have their very own Highway Patrol show and they pick up all the drunks and druggies. It’s hysteerical, eh bro? You have to have lived here to appreciate it as it all gets lost in translation.

  5. Guess the humor doesn’t translate to English

  6. James

    How embarrassing!

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