Devil Be Gone

Man attempts exorcism on his elderly girlfriendThis story is kinda weird. A 54 year old guy has been arrested for attempting to perform an exorcism on his 80 year old girlfriend. The guy basically locked her inside her house before starting the exorcism but the poor thing fell asleep so he had to wait until she woke up to continue. She was later found crying outside her house with her boyfriend drunk on her couch. Battery, witness tampering and false imprisonment are the price you have to pay for dodgy exorcisms.

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Devil Be Gone

  1. Binky

    You’ve got to have some way to have fun when you’re older.

  2. 54 year old MAN and 80 year old WOMAN ??? Girlfriend and boyfriend???? Loon I can’t wait to see what’s around for me then. A friend of mine (Japanese who looks young ) gets younger guys on RSVP and after looking at the older ones I can see why???

  3. She was possessed by the body of an 80 year old…she told him that she was 40

  4. I hope he doesn’t get her pregnant 😦

  5. You know, it is always those older women who take possession of the innocent and won’t let go. What could it be but the devil in them.

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