Meet Suriya the animal loving orangutan from the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina. Suriya likes to help the keepers with their daily chores, including feeding the penguins. OMG, I so want a orangutan, I have a pile of washing that needs ironing .

Orangutan feeds the penguins


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  1. if only they didn’t throw feces. damn. my laundry needs done as well!

  2. The more I see animals the more I love them. I know a few humans who could learn from them. It’s not all about THEM!!!

  3. Binky

    You could always get a Wombie. Of course, we don’t do laundry. Or much else, for that matter. But we would help you to eat your chocolate.

  4. Babies are so sweet, then they grow up and eat your face off.

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