Here Comes The BBBBBBride

Bride still marries after falling down stairsThere ain’t anything going to stop this 65 year old woman getting hitched, even falling down a flight of stairs. Yes sirree, after the bride tumbled down the stairs she dusted herself off , despite having a shattered elbow, and limped down the aisle where she was greeted with a chair and a rather horrified groom. After the vows she was taken to a medical center while everyone else enjoyed the reception.


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15 responses to “Here Comes The BBBBBBride

  1. Binky

    She sure has a lot of determination!

  2. I wonder how the rest of the night went ? lol

    • Nudge, nudge say no more 😉 lol
      Hey Ann are you having a lovely
      week so far my dear? 🙂

      Andro xxxx

      • Oh Andro it’s spring time here and today we had a hail storm. Serious winds in Melbourne which caused chaos at The Melbourne Show and it poured all night long accompanied by thunder and lightning. What happened to our real spring? But yes other than that today was fine. And you my friend?

      • Yes it’s been a nice week here, it is supposed to be creeping up to Autumn and yet the weather is still nice and warm with a little sunshine, so the seasons are definitely mixed up over the globe 😦

        Hey I am not complaining though, but I do enjoy Autumn and Winter the most 🙂 Don’t worry your Spring will have sprung soon my sweet friend 🙂

        Andro xxxx

    • With a shattered elbow I don’t think there would be too much nudge, nudge, wink, winking Androgoth …..just sayin 🙂

  3. Well this just goes to show, somethings are important. Wonder if this was her first marriage or her last.

  4. Loon when I first moved here my next door neighbours were Max and Edna. Max was 83 and Edna 89 both had been widowed previously. Well Edna thought she’d obviously die first so gave her house to her daughter thinking this would be her last romance but no!! Max got cancer and passed away leaving Edna homeless. His relatives wanted their piece of the pie so the house went on the market and Edna had to go back home to her daughter. In the meantime Edna smashed her Barina, yep she was still driving and hit a guy who had just taken his new caravan out on it’s first ever trip. Totalled it at the round about, left he scene of the accident to go and get her daughter and was charged with negligent driving. The daughter has now stopped her driving. BUT… that’s not all. I met Edna at Harvest Cafe where she was having her usual toasted pineapple and ham sandwich and she informs me that a guy at the bowls club is a bit keen on her now so she doesn’t need to drive as he picks her up and they go out together. So it just goes to show you are never too old. Edna is now 92!!!! NEVER TOO OLD ! I swear to God I don’t know where they get the energy.

  5. Max was ok too guys he still wore his Levis and his flannel shirts. I think there is something in the water here lol. I’m glad I drink bottled only lol. As for playing bowls at 90…… I’ll be lucky if I’m still alive 😉

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