Biggest Choke In Sporting History Bro

Kiwis lose the Americas CupYou are leading 8 to 1 in one of the greatest sporting events in the world and you just have to win one more race ….. just one more … and you …. OMG, you guys choked . Not once but 8 times to lose the America’s Cup. That has to be one of the longest and most tragic chokes of all time. OK, more like excruciating. They just had to win one out of the 8 remaining races to take the most prized trophy in sailing. Just one bro, ONE. To add salt to the big gaping wound, the private plane, that had been waiting on the tarmac for a week to whisk the Kiwis home to victory celebrations, was still sitting there.

Psst I’m guessing there will be a massive discount on champers in NZ.


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6 responses to “Biggest Choke In Sporting History Bro

  1. Why were the Aussie guys sailing on the American boat? Surely they’d have enough sailors over there already and is that legal? I asked my brother that today and he said he heard it best described as “The Aussies rule the waves and the Americans waive the rules”.

  2. Binky

    Guess that’s why it’s not called the New Zealand Cup.

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