Cancel Trip To San Diego The Marshmallow Fight Is Off

Out of my way, he's been shot by a MoonPie

Out of my way, he’s been shot by a MoonPie

Look away Fraz, Binky, Winky and Twink, San Diego city officials have cancelled the annual 4th of July marshmallow fight. OMG, NOOOOOOOO.  Oh and get this, their reasons are to a) prevent littering and b) prevent the use of harmful objects.Bwahahaha, since when has a marshmallow been deemed a harmful object, now running with the bulls, yes, but mallows, no. This is rich coming from a country that is allowed to carry concealed weapons. Hmm, unless they use marshmallow bullets…that could hurt? Bwahahaha  no it couldn’t. Anywho, local businesses have been told to quit selling marshmallows. It’s cruel I say, cruel. How about a Gummy Bear fight instead?


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5 responses to “Cancel Trip To San Diego The Marshmallow Fight Is Off

  1. Guns are ok Loon…The only litter they leave behind are human carcasses…maggots eat them anyway so problem solved in the litter department and above all no Marshmallow injuries…

  2. Sadness ensues. Am moving back to California and the trip a mere 10 hour drive from north to San Diego.
    Marshmallows are surely not biodegradable!
    One downside of Cali (besides the unemployment, cost of living and yearly state bankruptcy announcement) is the fascist stupidity of ALL local and city governments. Thanks -not- San Diego.
    We’ll just celebrate Wombat Day with twice the fun!

  3. Binky

    And right before Wombat Day, too!
    Don’t throw marshmallows at each someone, shoot them instead. It’s cruel to let someone slowly die of marshmallow wounds.

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