Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren’t Allowed To Drive

Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren't Allowed To DriveIt all makes sense now. The reason why women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to drive is because it’s a health risk. According to Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan, woman who get behind a wheel could risk hurting their ovaries and pelvises. Don’t believe him? Well, he has some pretty damning physiological science and functional medicine report evidence to back up his claim. The study says that if women drive it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. Sheez, nothing worse than a rolled up pelvis. Two year ago another “scientific” report claimed if women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia it would lead to an increase in homosexuality , pornography , divorce and prostitution for both men and women. Well, they better stay at home then.



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7 responses to “Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren’t Allowed To Drive

  1. Binky

    I wonder what driving does to men?

  2. Binky it will squash their willies and testes and lower the sperm count and be unable to fertilise the eggs of their many wives with their rolled up pelvises, so win win for the world.

  3. You all got it wrong, woman don’t drive because they are busy reading the road map so their hubby’s don’t get lost! And anywho they don’t have peripheral vision burkas.

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