Driving School Justifies Charging Women More

Spanish women worse drivers than menIt’s official, women are the worst drivers….in Spain that is…. after a driving school successfully argued the point in court. The school had been charged with sexual discrimination for charging women more for driving lessons but were able to prove, through data, that men took fewer lessons than women to pass their driving exams. Judge sided with the school. Another win for Team Men


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15 responses to “Driving School Justifies Charging Women More

  1. And your point is?????????

  2. Yes well we all knew that 🙂 lmao xxxx

    • celticqueen1

      Well Andro my dad taught me to drive at age 11!!!!! ( in the country) and when it came time for me to get a licence I had three lessons and got my licence first go. When my husband got his he had about twelve lessons and got his licence after three attempts. I don’t think it’s always the case that guys are better at anything. I also have an unblemished record after all this time and Jan had numerous accidents and insurance claims driving “LOCALLY”. My driving instructor claimed that younger guys are so cock sure of themselves they usually have to return a second time and have more accidents. But that’s In Australia not in Spain. I know this judge has it wrong.

      • Actually I agree with you, and I know
        lots of excellent drivers that are female,

        I had twenty one lessons and passed
        the first time too, wow a long time ago
        now as I was only seventeen at the time
        and now centuries later I am still driving 🙂

        No I didn’t pass my test on a horse, cheeky 🙂

        Andro xxxx

      • celticqueen1

        Yeah we come in handy when the guys want to have a few ales lol

  3. Funny, in the US women get more quarterly good driving refund checks from the insurance companies. Wonder how that works out.

  4. Binky

    What about Wombies?

  5. celticqueen1

    Oh Binky can you drive?

  6. That’s a bit harsh, you find idiot male drivers all over the World too!

  7. That’s your problem. It’s Windows Vista. Reinstall Windows XP.

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