Snooze At IKEA

Chinese IKEA allows sleeping on display bedsIKEA’s big mistake. Seems the staff at the Chinese IKEA stores have extra duties ever since management decided to allow people to sleep on their display beds. Now the poor staff have to change the sheets once a day.

Psst I wonder if they have to assemble them first?


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5 responses to “Snooze At IKEA

  1. celticqueen1

    That is soo wrong. I bet they have to launder them too. Hey no starch thanks!!

  2. As long as it is only sleep and no pubescent boys allowed.

  3. sincerely hope Ikea don’t introduce this to their UK stores !

  4. Binky

    Do you get a discount on the slept-in beds?

  5. Hope there’s no skid marks šŸ˜¦ lol

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