Fox Out Foxed

fox3Don’t mess with Ingrid Meinking if you know what’s good for ya. The 75 year old Swedish woman claims she killed a fox by swinging it by it’s tail and slamming it onto a stone step after she sprung it trying to steal her chickens. The poor fox’s only escape from the coop was through the old lady’s legs but as he made a run for it she squeezed her legs tight trapping the defenceless critter.


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9 responses to “Fox Out Foxed

  1. Loon i sent you a photo .I think she’s been down my way but hanging them on the fence is just wrong lol.

  2. Binky

    I’m staying away from Sweden!

  3. celticqueen1

    Binky I killed a 5ft Black Snake yesterday with my car. It didn’t die so I had to go back and run over it again and it still didn’t die. My sister in law was hysterical lol. It did in the end as a local guy took a shovel to it. It was crossing the main street and the tourists were shi**ing themselves so dead it is. The only good black snake is a dead one.

  4. That’s how her hubby ended up I bet…
    His middle wicket still throbbing away,
    and swinging is not all it is cracked up
    to be, obviously 😉 lmao

  5. celticqueen1

    Andro you are sooo bad lol but funny bad lol.

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