Duck, Asteroid Coming

Asteroid could hit Earth in 2032Forget the fiscal cliff we have bigger things to worry about. Seems there is some enormous friggin asteroid heading straight for us with a 1 in 63,000 chance of a direct hit. Heavens to  Murgatroyd . NASA says the 400 meter asteroid has a a kaboom force of 2000 atomic bombs and a danger rating of 1 out of a possible 10 on the Torino Impact Hazard Scale but we all know they would never tell us the truth. Anywho, we have until 2032 before potential kaboom, so I suggest we all start digging ourselves asteroid shelters. Hmm, yep I’m guessing fibbing is the best option, as I couldn’t cope with 19 years of mass hysteria…… AND don’t expect Bruce Willis to come to our rescue, he’ll be 77 .


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6 responses to “Duck, Asteroid Coming

  1. Didn’t that Geldolf guy say the world was going to end around that time a month or so ago? Maybe he has some outer space connection.

  2. Stock up on baked beans and spaghetty with meatballs while we can still afford them….just saying….

  3. No worries at all. Something else will blow us up long before then the way we are going.

  4. Only 77 I thought he was already 77 🙂 lol

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