Send In The Clowns

Drug lord killed by clown assassinsDo you know what’s scarier than a Mexican drug lord? A posse of clown assassins who gun down a Mexican drug lord at a children’s party. Yep, one of Mexico’s most powerful former bigwigs met his maker when a group of assassins dressed as clowns ( including red nose and wig) entered a family gathering being held at a major tourist resort and shot him dead at point blank range. The clowns fled before police arrived. Hmm, they obviously didn’t wear the oversized shoes!!!!


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8 responses to “Send In The Clowns

  1. celticqueen1

    So now we’ve established that not all clowns are necessarily scary, just pure evil. What were they thinking? The poor snowflakes will never have another birthday party.

  2. Did they all hop into a ridiculously small car?

  3. So, now we know clowns can serve the public good.

  4. Now those children at that party have a good reason to be afraid of clowns.

  5. Good thing that didn’t happen closer to me!
    I’d friggin’ fit the description of the suspects!

  6. That party must have been a blast 😦

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