Archbishop Comment Causes Anger

Oh for the love of god, just shoosh up. The head of Poland’s Catholic Church started a firestorm of condemnation for comments he made about pedophilia. Did he not get the memo? Seems Archbishop Jozef Michalik suggested that children from troubled families could be partly to blame  for priests sexually abusing them. Obviously he didn’t get the memo. Michalik told a reporter that a child from a troubled family “seeks closeness with others and may get lost and may get the other person involved, too.” Enter massive back peddle and cries of “misunderstanding” after the mass backlash from politicians and the public. Unfortunately, the  little slip up has  drawn focus  back onto the Catholic church in Poland and their cover ups.

Want sauce with that?


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4 responses to “Archbishop Comment Causes Anger

  1. Those darn altar boys…. how dare they step out of their dysfunctional families and seek solace with an old man who sexually pleasures them….hmmm doesn’t quite make sense… Sounds like the Archbishop is full of shit….

  2. Obviously another cock up… Oops 😦

  3. frank o'shea

    And that ‘church’ is still not proscribed, that’s the real crime.

  4. Sounds like he’s trying to justify some behavior he may have been involved in. Not pointing fingers or anything.

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