Firing Results in A Firing

Are you nuts?

Are you nuts?

Pepper spraying and shooting at a little squirrel in a Tennessee dollar store, that’s a firing right there… for the cop that is. Yep, after responding to a call about a wayward squirrel the officer opened fire on the poor wee thing and then when that failed he attempted to pepper spray it. Unfortunately he didn’t bother to tell the customers who left coughing and hacking out of the store.  As for the squirrel, no word on his fate. OK, before anyone makes a joke, I’m going for …what a cheap shot….. get it ? Dollar store/cheap shot , oh never mind.


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6 responses to “Firing Results in A Firing

  1. The poor squirrel was just looking for some nuts!

  2. Oh Andro I have eaten my own body weight in Hershey Kisses last weekend. I’m all chocolated out and don’t go and see the movie DIANA. I went last night and was very disappointed. Talk about bad hair !!! This squirrel has better hair.

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