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Oarfish Spell Doom

Oarfish beaching could mean earthquakeOK, no need to panic good people of California but you might want to grab some hard hats and stock your pantry. Seems those darn oarfish are beaching themselves in Southern California and you know what that means …..earthquake!!!! Yep, same thing happened in Japan shortly before that big shaker caused the uber tsunami that sent the Fukushima nuclear plant into meltdown … just saying. Sleep with one eye open.


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Poetic License

You get a job restoring a 17th century Qing dynasty mural and all you get for your troubles is a mouthful of abuse … oh and lose your job. Sheez, settle people, the old painting was faded and basically crap, I’ve brightened it up and made it more Manga.







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Father Mimicks Daughter

How many years of therapy is ahead for this girl? Ahh, the good old days when family teasing was part of life.


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Holy Moly Batman

Look what happens when you drink at a Halloween Party….. global humiliation. You gotta know when to hold them …



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The Day He Passed Maths

Grab the Kleenex Loons … Check out this father’s reaction to his son getting a C in maths. In England you need at least a C to pass . This boy had previously been receiving Fs.


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Cats Rule

and here’s why ….

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Goblin Toppler Fail

Remember the fools who toppled an ancient sandstone formation in Goblin Valley State Park last Friday and posted it on YouTube? No? Well anywho, the big guy who pushed the rock off its perch filed a lawsuit last month against a woman and her father for injuries he suffered in a  2009 car crash which left him to “endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of joy of life.” Hmm, good luck with that now sunshine.


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Alligators of WalMart

An alligator left disappointed after waiting outside the sliding doors of a Florida Walmart store. Seems he was unfamiliar with how to open them. The frustrated 6 footer slunk into nearby woods after realising the staff had friggin locked him out…. how rude!

Walmart alligator

Photo copyright WESH


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Good On Ya Prime Minister

thumbs up 3As you know, this loon  pretty much hates all politicians but I am going to have a small amnesty today to applaud our Prime Minister. On Saturday night he volunteered to help the NSWs rural fire brigade do a backburn near Bilpinwith. For those who don’t know, for the last few days NSW  has been under siege from over 100 bushfires.   So far over 200 homes have been lost and many more expected in the next few days. Yes, I know the cynics may say it is all a big publicity stunt but Tony Abbott has been a volunteer firefighter for over 13 years. Last week he cracked the shits when they refused to let him on the front line despite being trained as a specialist breathing apparatus operator, chainsaw operator and tanker driver..  He has been under a barrage of criticism for continuing to volunteer while being Prime Minister of Australia.  I say phooey. Good on him. I don’t think too many people would get up in the middle of the night to do this.


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Send In The Clowns

Drug lord killed by clown assassinsDo you know what’s scarier than a Mexican drug lord? A posse of clown assassins who gun down a Mexican drug lord at a children’s party. Yep, one of Mexico’s most powerful former bigwigs met his maker when a group of assassins dressed as clowns ( including red nose and wig) entered a family gathering being held at a major tourist resort and shot him dead at point blank range. The clowns fled before police arrived. Hmm, they obviously didn’t wear the oversized shoes!!!!


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