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DIY Cell Phone

dyi cell phoneAttention cheap skates and non fussed consumers, there is a new website showing you how to make your own cell phone for about $200. And no, you don’t have the be a techo, they give you easy step by step instructions. Just think, if you get cracking now, you could be handing them out as Christmas pressies.  OK, but just be warned , most of the home made phones I have seen look suspiciously like bomb devices or really bad highschool woodshop projects …just saying.

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Blind Freddy Could Have Activated Nuclear Bombs

EXPLOSION 8Oh for goodness sakes. Guess what the secret code was to authorize the launching of the U.S. nuclear missiles at the height of the Cold War? How’s about 00000000. Yep, we were 8 zeroes away from being blown to kingdom come. Well, not me per say as I wasn’t even born yet but everyone else.The reasoning behind the code was the fear that if communication lines were knocked out during a war, soldiers wouldn’t have a clue how to activate the bombs . Officials insist that the codes for launching all nuclear weapons today are a little more complicated. Hmm, I should hope so, or all the codebreakers would be out of work.

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Pull Another One

A Swiss prisoner who had the almighiest of toothneedle 3aches, but was denied treatment, escaped from  a minimum security facility to see his dentist. Once his tooth was pulled he contacted police and they returned him to his cell. He only got an additional day added to his original one month sentence.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Oh and while you are celebrating here’s a little food for thought. The average American will consume over 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day…. oooh and that’s not including breakie or the late night munchies. I suggest donning on a pair of elastic slacks and just enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving


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Awkward Bride War

Oh dear, watch what happens when a groom’s pregnant mistress , also wearing a wedding dress, rocks up to his wedding to confront the bride. Awkward for him but fun to watch.


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Banana Peel Fail

monkey 2A guy who tried to sue the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority after he slipped and fell on a banana peel (hurting his back) has been busted after security footage showed him setting up the fall. Yep, footage revealed  him dropping the peel before the big fake slipperoo. Now the dude is facing charges of second degree fraud.


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roses 2As parents were laying flowers on the grave of their son they got the fright of their life when they heard ‘Hello mum and dad. I’m back.’ coming from behind them. Hmm, seems that wasn’t their son in the grave but a random they had identified as their missing son. Their real son, who had up and left to ‘find himself’ in 2011,  had no clue that his parents thought he was dead. Evidently following the son’s disappearance the police notified them about a body found in a forrest which they mistakenly identified. Police are now reopening files and exhuming the body to find out who is in the grave.


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Loon Meets The Fat Duck

The Loon has been hanging down  at Margaret River for a few days and hobnobbing with Heston.  You know Fat Duck/ Loon, we have so much in common…oh except for the fact I can’t cook.



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New JFK Assassination Footage Surfaces

photographerJust when you thought we would be watching the Zapruder footage over and over again,  some guy has popped up claiming he has unseen footage of the JFK assassination. But wait, he also claims the new unseen footage shows another gunman hiding behind a shrub. That’ll be that damn grassy knoll dude I bet. Anywho, the  present owner of the footage says he’s has been holding onto it for over 40 years but is now looking for a buyer.


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What Would Make You Give Up A Testicle?

OK guys, what sort of car would make you give up a testicle ? Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari? Hmm, some guy is giving up a ball to purchase his dream car …. a Nissan. Evidently the going rate in the US for a testicle is $35,000, the exact price for a Nissan 370Z V6 Coupe.The guy is happy to donate to medical science in return to be sitting (even if a tad lobsided) behind the wheel of a coupe.


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