Claudius Has A New Playmate

Introducing Maximus Rex. Unfortunately, I have no photos of them together as Claudius is busy marking all his toys with labels reading “mine”, “mine”, “mine”




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14 responses to “Claudius Has A New Playmate

  1. He is a real cutie! Look at those ears! He could be Batcatman!

  2. I don’t know if I’d dare introduce another pet into “THE HOUSE OF TILLS”.
    You are a far braver woman than I 😉

  3. oooh you have fab taste in kitties! Have a friend with a Rex and they’re so smooth and soothing to pet. Enjoy getting to know your new house-mate!

  4. This new addition to your family is certainly a cutie, and a purrfect little pal for Claudius, of course we will be eagerly awaiting pictures of them together 😉 Thank you for posting this one Loon and hey have a wicked weekend 🙂 xxxx

  5. Just calling in for another look at Maximus Rex,
    and wow is he a lovely looking handsome feline 🙂

    Have a cooltastic Sunday Loon 😉 xxxx

    • Why thank you Androgoth, he certainly is an entertaining creature much like yourself . Enjoy the week … especially hump…..oh never mind

      • Wow i think that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me 🙂 Thank you dear Loon and do have some of my chocolates, the strawberry centres are yummy but take anything that you like, even a few of my toffees if you fancy them 🙂

        Happy Monday Evening Tan 😉

        Andro xxxx

  6. Actually Loon I asked Tills about getting a new cat and she said “There’s not enough shoes with buttons and bows to go around “. So I take that as a No ….but when we get back to Melbourne …. it will be a different story. It will be… SUCK IT UP TILLS !

  7. Maximus Rex??? Is that one of those Roman joke names like Singius Songus or Biggus Dickus???

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