No Win

wolf in sheepsA couple in Bearman country have skedaddled after dropping their 9 year old adoptive son (whom they have had since he was 3 months old) at the Butler County Children Services offices. Evidently, the child’s behavior has put them at wit’s end. The child is prone to angry outbursts and has threaten to stab the family to death.  They are currently on the run with their two other children. Why, oh why, haven’t child services helped these people, instead of creating fugitives out of frustrated parents?


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7 responses to “No Win

  1. Sad situation for all.

  2. Hmm so just walk away or flee from your responsibilities as is the case here. The kid obviously has frontal lobe issues so we just dump him. Good God they’ve had years of this and what no assessment done??? Bad parenting. When you have kids you learn to read between the lines. Something must be so very wrong but never so worn you just flee surely?

  3. He might hunt them down later…
    On the run for life me thinks? 😦

  4. They may need to go into Witness Protection to escape from the kid.
    On a serious note though it can be so hard to get help when kids are like that. My eldest stepson was like that, extremely aggressive & violent. Eventually Child Welfare put him into foster care as they felt he was a danger to our other 2 boys

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