No Wonder There Was Never Any Snacks

grandmother-2The Forever Young nursing home in Canada is the dope. Whoops, I meant, was growing da dope. Unfortunately the enterprising little  marijuana operation in the home’s basement came to an untimely end when a fire broke out and police seized 55 plants , which is equivalent to about 275,000 rolled joints.


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14 responses to “No Wonder There Was Never Any Snacks

  1. I may have to go into an assisted living place come March. Not getting any better. Due to the pain and symptoms.I wanna rock out in this place! sounds like a happenin’ joint -groan-

    • You can come and stay with me if you like, the weed is out there somewhere and the Zombies can be trained to find it while we enjoy a few snifters of wine 🙂 How about that for being wicked 🙂

      Yes Tan, Ann, Binky and Megga you can join us too 🙂 lol

  2. megagetoverit

    Gee …with those stats one pot plant would fetch 5000 joints once mature….yeah right….smoke another one….

  3. Oh come on you lot it’s for medicinal purposes only. What do you think they were gonna do, sell it? Ye have little faith lol.

  4. Sounds like they were taking good care of their residents, on the cheap no less. What a bunch of clowns the police are.

  5. Police can be so unreasonable. Gardening is just so therapeutic for the elderly

  6. If you tokey, you’ll end up in the pokey

  7. Oh for crying out loud, they should have said they were growing tomatoes!!!

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