Murder She Wrote

sherlock 2Well I must be honest, I didn’t see this coming. Seems the death of  Brittany Murphy and her hubby maybe a MURDER. At the request of the late actress’s father new tests have revealed she and hubby may have died from extremely high levels of heavy metals … like those found in rat poison.Her strange eratic behaviour, which lead many to believe she was taking drugs, could have been symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. So the big question is, who would want these relatively “non high profile” people dead?


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4 responses to “Murder She Wrote

  1. I read that this morning and thought WHO ARE THEY? Maybe one of them had an affair and the jilted lover says , ” I’ll get you… BOTH!!

  2. I’ve forgotten who they were, too.

  3. Listening to heavy metal can be dangerous I guess? 😦

  4. “may be” Grammar police

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