What Would Make You Give Up A Testicle?

OK guys, what sort of car would make you give up a testicle ? Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari? Hmm, some guy is giving up a ball to purchase his dream car …. a Nissan. Evidently the going rate in the US for a testicle is $35,000, the exact price for a Nissan 370Z V6 Coupe.The guy is happy to donate to medical science in return to be sitting (even if a tad lobsided) behind the wheel of a coupe.


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9 responses to “What Would Make You Give Up A Testicle?

  1. There once was a guy from Milan
    Who bought himself a small Nissan
    There was room for his ass
    and a gallon of gas,
    but the rest hung our and he lost’em.
    (it doesn’t scan, but what the hell)

  2. Sounds like his brain makes up for the missing testicle….

  3. If one is going to get a sex change operation anyway. . .

  4. Obviously a bollock short of a full sack 😦 *oooooooh nasty*

  5. You only need one anyway so why not.

  6. susi spice

    It’s fine I’m sure it’ll grow back… Right??

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