New JFK Assassination Footage Surfaces

photographerJust when you thought we would be watching the Zapruder footage over and over again,  some guy has popped up claiming he has unseen footage of the JFK assassination. But wait, he also claims the new unseen footage shows another gunman hiding behind a shrub. That’ll be that damn grassy knoll dude I bet. Anywho, the  present owner of the footage says he’s has been holding onto it for over 40 years but is now looking for a buyer.


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3 responses to “New JFK Assassination Footage Surfaces

  1. What was his editing programme? Just curious…if he realy had the footage he should be charged and jailed..what a greedy creep….

  2. Typical, profiting from a murder 😦 How gross is that…

  3. Might he have not considered revealing the evidence when he found it?

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