Negative Body Language Is Prohibited By Perth Council

copierWelcome to the “brave new world”. The City of Melville, in the “State of Excitement”, has drafted a new code of conduct which now means negative body language, including shrugging shoulders, rolling eyes, deep sighing and finger-pointing will to be prohibited. Oh wait there is more, you will no longer be able to raise your voice or say things like “that’s a dumb idea” or “that won’t work”.  Seems it is all a form of bullying. Sheez, have fun working there… as the Loon rolls her eyes and gives a deep sigh.

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Negative Body Language Is Prohibited By Perth Council

  1. More morons without a life …. here is to the Melville Council ” F#ck you ” Oh I feel so much better now.. Back to my gardening and loving plants…

  2. I guess it’s illegal to tell them how stupid they are.

  3. Someone is bound to go postal

  4. I will not be coming for a visit.

  5. Don’t let off any in there either, or
    that could be a sacking offence 😦

  6. So it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to drive by the Perth Council Chambers & give them the finger then???

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