Vaginal Knitting

OMG, please don’t watch this video if you are easily grossed out. A woman artist  in Australia has taken her craft to a whole new level. She is inserting balls of wool into her vagina and then using the thread to knit scarves and stuff… I couldn’t make this up.


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15 responses to “Vaginal Knitting

  1. She needs locking up for indecent exposure. Anyone attending the beanie fest up there BEWARE!!! They do have one.

  2. susi spice

    This isn’t that impressive. Impressive would be for her to be knitting inside her vajayjay and spitting out a scarf
    I hear the next phase is anal knitting.

  3. It too “Vaginal Knitting” to get you girls commenting lolololololo

  4. No no no no no

    this is far to disturbing for words. Especially since she doesn’t break during menstration.

  5. Good Grief!!! I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. That’s just disturbing. And wouldn’t she have problems with fluffing which I believe is a tampon related problem?

  6. OK so curiosity got the better of me & I watched the video…
    “It’s a pretty robust area”
    “Linking the vulva with something people find warm & fuzzy”

    OMG is she for real??? After watching the video it’s even more disturbing. Next time I put on beanie/jumper or anything else knitted I will be thinking “Where the hell has this wool been???”

  7. Owen

    See the carpet doesn’t match the curtains…lol

  8. happyjac

    What happened in her childhood to even think about that?!

  9. We don’t care we don’t want to visit this place again….. we are all still recovering!

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