Jesus Banned From Darts

jesusA word of warning to any British man intending to play darts in a competition in Somerset. Forget it if you have long hair, a beard and look like Jesus .Seems it is rather distracting especially when the crowd begins to chant “Jesus, Jesus”. The poor guy was blocked from the event by two security guards before he could even get through the door. Last year he was ejected after the crowd got overly enthusiastic with the Jesus chanting and put the other players off.


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10 responses to “Jesus Banned From Darts

  1. Surely that’s religious discrimination. I heard that Jesus ain’t much of a darts player though. Someone said he’d need a miracle to win… 😛

  2. You don’t f*** with The Jesus.

  3. It must have been a 180 degree turn that one 🙂 lol

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