Take Note Qantas!!!

Sheez, why couldn’t Qantas be as nice? A Canadian airline (WestJet) surprised a plane full of passengers by handing out presents at the end of their flight. Hmm, but not just any old presents, they set up a virtual Santa at the check-in counter and asked every person on the flight what they wanted for Christmas and guess what? The WestJet staffed raced off and bought everything on the list and wrapped them all up before the plane landed . Hmm, too bad about the passengers on the next flight …losers.


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6 responses to “Take Note Qantas!!!

  1. susi spice

    Qantas is at a catch 22 the Irishman CEO seems to have run it to the ground or its what the previous one did and he got stuck with it. Shame really. I stopped flying Qantas 10 years ago bc I found their service terrible cabin crew were such bitches. Flew with them this year. They were OK I guess, but still an aloofness from the cabin crew, they were definitely in money saving mode. Carried no extra food except exactly as needed.

  2. bet the guy who asked for socks and underwear was kicking himself when the couple got the 50″ TV they asked for !

  3. Holy crap you Aussies are spoiled. I flew Qantas 4 times while there and the service was exceptional compared to US carriers.

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