One Empty Seat At Kim Jong Un’s Chrissie Table

Christmas is going to be a tad awkward at the Jong Un household this year after he erradicated his wayward uncle. And by eradicated I mean executed. Jang Song Thaek  is was the second most powerful man in North Korea until he did something real naughty because  Kim Jong Un declared him “worse than a dog” and claimed he had  “committed such hideous crime as attempting to overthrow the state by all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods with a wild ambition to grab the supreme power of our party and state.” Ouch!


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6 responses to “One Empty Seat At Kim Jong Un’s Chrissie Table

  1. There must be a suicide bomber willing to attend Kim Jung’s Xmas dinner…. Anyone? Promise it will be the last boring Xmas …. Hmmm gee What is wrong with this World……

  2. celticqueen1

    Why is someone like him untouchable? I’m with Mega ….it’s time!

  3. I wonder what will be in his cracker this year 🙂 lol

  4. I guess this is why second place isn’t so good.

  5. Jang Song tries to be a good uncle & that’s the Thaeks he gets

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