Sex Sent Her to the ER

ambulance-2A 440lb New York virgin accidentally sent his 110lb girlfriend flying through a sheet-rock wall head first when she attempted to have sex with him. After dating for some time the frustrated girlfriend decided to make the first move by stripping down to her panties and bra but when her chunky boyfriend got  going  his thrusting went that little too far and kaboom. The poor guy thought he had killed her, but, to his shock and surprise, when she pulled her head out from the wall she said “Why’d you stop?”.  This is just one of the stories featured on “Sex Sent me to the ER.”


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9 responses to “Sex Sent Her to the ER

  1. Years ago one of my neighbour’s daughters decided that at the ripe old age of 16 it was time for sex. Well she wouldn’t stop bleeding and he had to take her to ER and then tell her parents what he did. I know…. too much information but it’s all true. She married him at 17.

  2. susi spice

    I wanna see lol

  3. silly cow should have gone on top 🙄

  4. “Why’d you stop?”
    Ha Ha Ha!!! 😀

  5. P.S. It wasn’t Kim Jong Un & his wife was it???

  6. It’s a wonder he could find it 😦 lol

    I wonder what she looked like in
    the niff? Nooooo don’t shout it out
    or the whole house will shudder 😦

    Maybe she will try a ’69’ next time
    or is that a ’99’ without the flake? 🙂

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