No Toilet, No Come Home

toilet 6An Indian woman who left her hubby because they didn’t have a decent toilet in their house has agreed to return on the condition a flusher is installed. The poor woman and her two kids had to plonk in the open because there was no loo.


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9 responses to “No Toilet, No Come Home

  1. I felt exactly the same way when we first came to Australia. Shitting in a can at the bottom of the yard was just not on. My grannie in Scotland said to me before we left that she hoped we didn”t have a ‘DRY’ toilet and I didn’t know what she meant till we came here. Thankfully my parents had sewerage put through and had it connected. The can was sooooo bad. My dog hated the can man who emptied it too. I can still smell that stench.

  2. Haven’t these people been camping before?!

    celticqueen your comment bust me up. my great grandmother still had a standing outhouse on the family farm. As a kid during family visits it facinated me.
    Not so facinating as an adult during Burning Man every year; 100F temps under the desert sun and rows of porta-potties ripening under the blazing sky.

  3. I am almost certain I wouldn’t have married the fool in the first place no matter what. Grounds for divorce? Hell, I would have drowned him in his own effusiveness.

  4. Some women just expect too much these days

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