What The Hell Is This?

dumbassSeems muggers are getting rather fussy in the Big Apple. After two armed men robbed a guy in Central Park, taking his a cellphone, a briefcase and a wallet, they paused a second before handing back his phone. Evidently, the outdated 2010 LG Quantum wasn’t good enough for them. Needless to say the victim used his crappy Quantum to ring the police.


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12 responses to “What The Hell Is This?

  1. Fussy buggers …. but I have to admit…I’m just saying… lolol

    • Happy New Year Ann 🙂 xxxx

      • Happy New Year to you too my dear , I hope ye awe hud a guid Hogmanay lolol. I hope 2014 is fun filled and we have all the Loon laughs all over again. Thank you to all of you as you are bring lights when others post doom and gloom. This blog is the best start to ANY day. Ok it includes Duncan too lol. And NOBODY will touch your speedos Mega. They have to get past me first lol . Happy New year to all of you and Binky watch the roads, those drunks don’t look out for Binkies much around this time of year. Well not here they don’t.
        The Celtic One XXXX

  2. They’d leave empty-handed from me, then.

  3. Would they nick my speedo’s? People should walk around naked…nothing to steal for the low lifes.

  4. That’s a Rap 🙂
    Hey Happy New Year Loon 😉 xxxx

  5. desk49

    Guy robbeds laidy’s hand bag. Cops track it back to his house with the GPS in the phone. Yep give phone back let his wife ask what he was doing in Central Park.

  6. Ha Ha Ha!!! This one cracked me up. I was recently told at work that my Motorola just wasn’t cool enough. Apparently I should have the latest Samsung Galaxy.
    Looks like my phone has put me into the “out” crowd

  7. They would hand mine back, I still keep my Blackberry!

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