Safe Keeping


Ah, that’s a relief

Seems some crims in the US are using their butts as the hiding place of choice for stolen goods. Take the drunk fool from Pennsylvania who crashed his car and was taken to hospital for x-rays. The doctors found a bag of synthetic marijuana, a socket for a wrench, four bracelets, four necklaces, and 11 ladies rings lodged up his bum. Seems he had been out robbing houses before his kaboom.


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10 responses to “Safe Keeping

  1. He could have been the goose laying the golden egg if he hadn’t crashed….silly billy…now that calls for a colonoscopy….Who knows what treasures lie hidden deep inside those bowels…..

  2. Bowels are such great storage places. Keep your money & other valuables there. No one would ever pick pocket you.

  3. I guess being a Tool wasn’t enough
    for him, he had to have a tool box too 😦

  4. Susi Spice

    and for my next trick..i shall pull a rabbit out of my…

  5. celticqueen1

    rabbit hole

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