Only A Flesh Wound

bullet 2Definition of awkward? The clumsy Indiana police chief who waltzed into a gun store and accidentally shot himself in the leg after it got caught in his clothing. Hmm, anyone else got an adjective to describe this calamity? Anyone?


Filed under That's Gotta Hurt, Whoops!

6 responses to “Only A Flesh Wound

  1. Numbnuts.
    great headline btw 😉

  2. desk49

    What was it that was caught in his clothing?
    What did he have on his leg?
    What kind of mess did it make?
    What was he doing trying to pull it out in the store?
    Was it so small he finger slipped?
    Or so big he had to use two hands?
    Too many question for me to think about.
    Sorry I can’t help you on this one.
    Dirty old man or young boy, you never said how old he was.

  3. None that don’t include expletives.

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