Face Fail

Anyone recognize  this dude? Evidently, this is the best the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department  could come up with when creating a composite sketch of a knife weilding suspect involved in a  robbery. Good job boys. In their defence the department said it was “not a true depiction of the suspect, only a likeness”.

identity kit



OK. let me just say, it isn’t near so good as the Miami police’s sketch  of the bug eyed abductor of 2011.



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5 responses to “Face Fail

  1. Both of them do sort of look familiar. . .

  2. Great teeth Could be an Aussie with that stupid hat.

  3. desk49

    When do the police let the guy in the drunk tank do the sketch.
    Will I think he looked like this. My uncle Fread does and I don’t like him.
    That is my hat he took it one night when he jumped out the back window after I got home.
    The wife said it was the T.V. guy fixing my big screen but I know it was Uncle Fread

  4. Gee ….just like the pictures I used to draw when I was 10 years old….clever dickheads aren’t they….

  5. Better than I could do in a live drawing on the spot

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