Captain & Tennille split

OMG….and I repeat OMG, the gurus of love, Captain & Tennille are divorcing. You can’t be friggin serious? Love is suppose to keep you together, whenever. Can someone pass me a tub of Ben and Jerry’s I don’t think I can handle this! Seems poor Captain was blindsided by Tennille’s decision claiming he hasn’t a clue what he’s done. Hmm, well she won’t be doing it one more time.

Psst Don’t tell their health insurer but the poor old Captain has Parkinson’s and it is rumored Tenille thinks he could get better coverage if they split.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

6 responses to “Captain & Tennille split

  1. They’re still together? They’re still alive?

  2. I’m with Binky,
    They were old when I was knee high to a mouse
    and still in pull up.
    Wait a min. I’m still in pull-up.
    It is true love don’t buy drugs
    Uncle Sam has to.

  3. I never liked her big teeth & what sort of parents name their son Captain.anyway? Does he have a boat or just the silly hat?

  4. nearly 40 years together, who does this?

  5. I am thinking you are right on the health coverage thing. Sad

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