Mayor’s Undies Stolen

naked-manAttention the good people of Belgium, be on the look out for a pair of undies  autographed by the Brussels’ mayor, they have been nicked  from the Museum of Underpants. There is no actual details about size or colour but they were described as “briefs”. If the undies aren’t found the owner will request the mayor sign another pair.


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3 responses to “Mayor’s Undies Stolen

  1. Men or woman undies?
    I have been known to look for lost womans undies.
    Sorry guys you are on your own.

  2. Maybe someone thought that they were going to fart and was mistaken, well I only said… and they were just draped over the radiator, on display for anyone to snatch them, I wonder who the infamous knicker thief is? 🙂 lmao

  3. They are probably already up for bids on Ebay by now

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