Davos World Economic Forum

mickey mouseYou know what I hate? When actors such as Matt Damon and Goldie Hawn, singers such as Bono and Peter Gabriel, company CEOs such as Dow Chemical and Pepsi, each pay $70,000 to hobnob at a Swiss ski resort with world leaders to discuss a “world Agenda”. Up yours, you bunch of arrogant, egotistical and self serving champagne sipping group of wannabes. Collectively, your wealth could end poverty. The last thing I want are people who were born LUCKY enough to be able to hold a note, or remember a line, or mix chemicals or create a sugar laden drink telling me how the world should be run. Hmm and lets see 2500 of you x $70,000 = $175 million …. will that be going to a “collective  cause” of YOUR choice or will it just be lining someone’s pockets. Here’s a thought, why don’t you pop the cork back in your Dom Perignon, refuel your learjets and hold the conference in the middle a refugee camp. Take your pick , there are hundreds of them… just saying!


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19 responses to “Davos World Economic Forum

  1. Don’t mince your words, Loon.

    This is similar to a lot of fundraisers where they have elaborate parties that cost a fortune and raise a few dollars for charity. If they just donated what the festivities cost. . .

    • They just like to rub shoulders with more of the rich folks, it makes me sick… Here Binky have some of these extra juicy wine gums before we set the Zombies after them 🙂 lol

  2. Oh Loon, that was brilliant. The very fact that they have to be seen doing it would be enough for me. I think we’d all have a better idea how the world should be run without having an alcohol fueled holiday to voice opinions. Losers. I’d need to know the outcome. I bet that won’t be made available.

  3. Loon I love your style and couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 Enjoy a delicious Friday evening with lots of bubbly and pancakes 🙂 😉 Or chocolates whichever turns you on the most, I mean whichever rocks your boat the most, I mean whichever… You know what I mean, have fun and be good, if you like? 😉 🙂 lol xxxx

  4. So are you implying I shouldn’t attend then???

  5. susi spice

    Well put Loon. However there are such people in the world who enjoy patting themselves on the back, toasting a glass to eachother and advertising it to the world how they “care” when they give or do one small thing.

    • Susi I feel like that today about Adam Goodes being Australian of the year. He friggin kicks a ball and thinks because he does some charity work for HIS PEOPLE. What his people ? He looks like a Middle Eastern Arab and whinges like them too. I want to see a chosen one who has made his/her mark and makes a difference not this tosser who is celebrating “Invasion Day”. Give the award back you loser!! He wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the migrants and refugees. He’d be kicking a pretend footie around the reservation if he was lucky. AND the other losers will drink more than they donate. Apart from that I am enjoying Australia Day with my family. I hope you, Mega Tony and Loon are too.

      • Unfortunately no one can comment about Goodes “undeserved” award without being labeled a racist. There are so many indigenous people who would be more deserving. I saw the list of finalists…. doctors, professors… why do we feel we have to give it to a sportsman or woman?

      • Sometimes to put things into perspective you need to be racist. I get tired of these Aboriginals getting up on their soap box and they are whiter than you and I. It’s the ones with all the white blood running through their veins that rattle their cage. Most of them are from Scottish or English descendants who came here linked together. After what he did at the footie he is indeed one of the worst I’ve seen. Friggin sook needs to toughen up. We’ve called each other worse on here. What is wrong with that guy, surely he knows that there are others far more deserving and worthy of that title than he is. I’d be hanging my head in shame. I’d be embarrassed to accept! How could this happen???We need to review the selection panel from now on. Who gets to chose? I think we, the majority whites need to at least get a look in. Oh yeah and still no cure for cancer!!!!!!

  6. Yeah, they are going to take a pledge. I just want to say to them all, “Send Money”.

  7. You stole the words right out of my mouth Loon. Well said… You just left me speechless.

  8. Derryn Hinch tries to protect the kids by naming Pedophiles and we lock him up. Adam Goodes sooks and he gets and award. I’m over it I swear.

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