Beiber Is The New Orange

Take a bow Beibs , you finally got the attention you were craving. If you haven’t heard, Justin Beiber was arrested yesterday for street racing while under the influence of a cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs. He becomes the latest star to don the orange jumpsuit.


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7 responses to “Beiber Is The New Orange

  1. AND, the judge said not a hair on his head was out of place. Breath like an sewer and blood shot eyes but the hair was perfect. A man after my own heart, I hate bad hair!

  2. It couldn’t have happened to a better asshole 🙂

  3. Looks like the cops burst theBbeiber’s bubble. Suck it up princess!!!

  4. The guy finally got what was coming to him. Though, part of me wonders if it was set up by his people. Because he did just recently announce that he was retiring. And now that he’s said that, what better time to finally put him in jail after 3 years of getting away with the same behavior.

  5. They should get him and Miley together, they crave the spotlight so badly. It’s not about kids doing kids stuff, she ‘s a wrecking ball and he needs hit with one. Time to not grow up but act responsibly . They are bot just public menaces.

  6. This little shite should have his azz kicked hard.

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