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Most Expensive graduation Cap EVER

Alex Benda could just be the next Gordon Gekko after he announced he wants to sell advertising space on his graduation cap. The business major is hoping he can make enough to put a dent in his student loan. He has divided the top of his  10 inch x 10 inch cap into 1 inch squares with each square costing $300 to advertise. By his calculations if he sells all of the 100 squares it will cover his $30,000 debt. Shame he lives in Flint, Michigan… just saying.OK, settle people from Flint the kid has already sold $1,200.

Psst Reminds me of Million Dollar Homepage which we participated in a few years back. Alex Tew made $1 million dollars by selling a million pixels for $1 each on a homepage.I had a cofffee with the 21 year old during the height of his fame and he too just wanted enough money to pay for Uni and get a decent start in life. I swear it has something to do with guys called Alex!

See, that's my tongue poking cow from my Loon Header

See, that’s my tongue poking cow from my Loon Header


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Deadly Tweet

Question 3Tweeting about your hubby’s affair…. impulsive. Ending up dead in your 5 star hotel room … Pricelifeless. If you are the wife of an Indian politician and you discover that he has been cheating just keep your tweets quiet or you may come to an “unnatural and sudden” end. Isn’t that right Sunanda Pushkar?


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Cool Runnings Sequel In The Making

The Winter Olympics just got a rainbow of awesome with the announcement the Jamacian bobsled team have qualified. Unfortunately the dudes haven’t got a cent to their names to even get there. Sheez, I love these guys. Currently they they need $80,000 to cover travel and equipment costs. They have already cut the team down from 4 to 2 because basically they are skint.  Oh for goodness sakes Disney, get your cryonic head out of the freezer and  fund the boys, you know you can squeeze another movie from this.


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Surprise, It’s A Boy

Nun3A nun in Italy got a surprise little Chrissie present when she gave birth to a baby boy. The poor thing didn’t even know she was pregnant (obviously thought she was just getting fat) but when she was taken to hospital with stomach pains it was revealed she was about to have a baby. The little boy was named Francis after the Pope but that hasn’t helped her from getting the boot from her convent. Pack your bags honey, you broke the chastity vow. Seems Mother Superior is rather miffed that the nun couldn’t resist temptation claiming the wayward soul got jiggy with it when she returned to El Salvador to visit her family. The local community have been passing around the collection bowl for the new family.

Psst At least they didn’t use the immaculate conception excuse.

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Christ The Redeemer Loses A Finger

redeemerOh no, Christ the Redeemer, the massive statue on top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro, is minus a finger after being struck by lightning. Yep, a finger on its right hand was blown off  when a bolt came from the heavens.


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RIP Professor

Russell Johnson the actor who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island has passed away. Johnson was 89. Now there is only Ginger and Mary Ann.


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dumbassThe loser of the week goes to the Michigan woman who got nine months jail for a home burglary that netted her $2. Oh but wait, there’s more, she also was ordered to pay $900 in costs and $845 in restitution. Now there’s a pile of lemons.


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Chicago and The Big Itch

hairIt’s official Chicago is the number one city for bedbugs. Take a bow. Oh and quit the sniggering Los Angeles, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Dayton, Washington D.C., Denver and Indianapolis you are all in the top ten. Happy scratching Bearman.


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Penisville Sign You Say?

laughing manLocals were able to track down their missing Penisville road sign thanks to the couple who posted photos on Facebook posing next to it during their wedding. Evidently the sign gets stolen a lot.


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Parrot Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

parrotYou know what I hate? When you are driving through Mexico City with your pet parrot and you get stopped by police and the parrot keeps saying over and over again “he’s drunk, he’s drunk”. I really friggin hate that, especially when he was right. That was an arrest right there. As for the parrot, he was allowed to accompany his owner to jail.


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