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I Can’t Eat A Pet

I wasn’t quite expecting to eat a goldfish when I ordered Dim Sum in Hong Kong. I suppose it is one way to dispose of a dead pet.


Psst Of course I ate it eat it , but I did refuse to eat the other thing. I think it was a kidney of something small too.


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Another Dick In The Hall

naked-manUgh, a 72 year old substitute teacher got sprung (allegedly) spanking the monkey in the school hallway.That is an arresting right there. The teacher was caught by another teacher who saw him on the ground and thought he was hurt . Unfortunately, she realised a little too late that he wasn’t, he simply had his hand down his pants. Well, that can’t be unseen! CCTV footage revealed he’d been perving on students prior to his little indiscretion.


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This Is What Happens When You Add A Cat To Monopoly

This is Claudius and Maximus’s favorite commercial of all time …


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The Loon is officially back on air after two days of  being messed around by my service provider.


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The Loon Is Back

Sorry about lack of posts I have no Internet. Come home Internet gone. After hours and hours of yelling consultant and being transferred they finally admitted  They have a problem their end.


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Yummy Wild Turkey

Whoopsie, a mom accidentally filled pre-schooler’s Valentine boxes  with alcohol filled chocolates.  Hmm, happy snowflakes.


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Baby Poo Sausages

Ooh yummy. Scientists in Italy believe chomping on sausages containing bacteria from baby poo could be good for your health.  I will leave you with that thought.


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Shopping Mall Castaway

richard-simmons2An Italian man claims he spent 13 months lost in a Dubai shopping mall unable to find an exit. The dishevelled man appeared with a battered trolley a few days ago  telling confused staff he had been surviving on fast food after he was parted from his friend during a mad shopping rush. Despite raised eyebrows the man was taken to hospital.


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Bite Me

Residents of Phoenix beware. A pack of vicious chihuahuas are roaming the streets harassing everyone.

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Mickey Breakie

He’s. Friggin everywhere



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