Shark Culling In Western Australia

When the Western Australian Premier, Colin Cullin Barnett decided to kill sharks in Western Australia, following a spate of shark attacks (2), he opened a big can of berley. People are up in arms that the endangered Great White Sharks is now the State’s most wanted enemy. Personally, I am more appalled that the government is willing to waste millions of dollars to protect a few unlucky humans (natural selection)  when the money could be better spent on hospital equipment that WILL save hundreds of lives. Priorities.  Anywho, on the weekend I wandered over to Cottesloe beach to join in the shark culling protest because I knew I would find some fellow loons …







Hmm, wrong protest. The shark finning protest was last week!

Hmm, wrong protest. The shark finning protest was last week!

One for you Androgoth!!

One for you Androgoth!!





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10 responses to “Shark Culling In Western Australia

  1. celticqueen1

    Well helloooo placard carrier, you can’t friggin surf in a pool and when we come up against a shark in the ocean we don’t eat it or even bite it. We are very friendly in fact….. but they are killers. And hell yeah Loon there’s still no cure for cancer and yes I’m terrified of sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge mean nasty big buggars that they are They aren’t culling everywhere ,it’s just a small part of WA which has a huge percentage of these big hungry sea creatures. Come in sharks we can share the ocean surely!!. LEave our surfies alone. There that’s telling them !

  2. I certainly don’t agree with culling sharks. Culling politicians, maybe.

  3. susi spice

    Well u can certain I’m against shark culling and I hope someone culls Barnett see howhe likes it. U scared of the ocean? Stay out of it, it’s not your domain.

  4. Anonymous

    Barnett is an egomaniac idiot that doesn’t get it….oh yeah with all the water shortage in WA he would have a pool at home with a blow up shark bobbing around in it…. Sharks belong in the ocean….humans don’t… If Cullin Barnett keeps fishing out there he will only attract the man eaters by chopping up the little sharks they are catching now…no Great White has been caught yet in the months gone by since the start of this insane Barnett fishing season….Oh by the way, the Great Whites are a protected species under Australian law…Ok Japan go get the wales it appears the law is just for fun and doesn’t mean much to WA’s Premier Collin Barnett…..

  5. celticqueen1

    It’s a bit like the crocodile predicament. I don’t like to cull anything but the thought of Schnappie biting a kid in half is also repugnant to me. The thing is people swim I water holes usually marked “CROCODILE”. It’s all very sad when a young person loses hi or her life to shark/croc attacks. They really just want to have a bit of fun. The surfies that is not the sharks. Sharks just never want to play.

  6. Well there you go, politicians mucking it up again. No focus. I personally love the hat.

  7. Great Whites and all Sharks need protecting… Next they will be attacking Lions and Tigers in their habitat, well more than usual I mean… Politicians need netting and… Well you can choose your own method of capture, maybe pincers on the testicles could prove interesting, well if they have any? 😦 lol

  8. Lola

    Sharks are waters creatures

  9. Lola

    We should leave them alone cause if we go into the waters and kill them it’s like them coming to land and killing us

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