I Can’t Eat A Pet

I wasn’t quite expecting to eat a goldfish when I ordered Dim Sum in Hong Kong. I suppose it is one way to dispose of a dead pet.


Psst Of course I ate it eat it , but I did refuse to eat the other thing. I think it was a kidney of something small too.


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7 responses to “I Can’t Eat A Pet

  1. Hahahah that was the name of our goldfish. Loon tell me you didn’t eat it????

  2. Bethany

    She ate it lol

    I’m disappointed I haven’t seen u eat a tarantula

  3. I can’t believe you ate it. Did it wiggle & jiggle & tickle inside you?

  4. Now you have to swallow a cat to catch the fish & swallow a dog to catch the cat &…
    Just don’t get to the end & swallow a horse or you’ll be dead of course

  5. When in Rome, or is it when in Hong Kong. Why not.

  6. How cruel of you Loon, but wait, what was the other thing? It looks like a piece of dog sh.. Nooo wait it could be something edible 🙂 lol Nice meals you’ve been tucking into I see but I bet you were glad to get home for a homemade stew or a jolly pancake or something 🙂 I wiuld have greeted you with some fish and chips Andro style 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

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