It’s Oscar Night

I love the Oscars. I try to see all the movies nominated before the award night. Flying back from Hong Kong they had all the friggin movies I hadn’t seen on the inflight entertainment but I could only squeeze in two. Heavy sigh. Anywho, hands up who thought Cate Blanchett’s portrail of Jasmine was a rip off of Stella in a Street car Named Desire? I thought Sally Hawkins’ preformance was more deserving. I hear Mia and her son have just logged on to Twitter in anticipation.

As for Amy Adams and Leonardo Decaprio… how can the Academy be so cruel? Poor Amy has been nominated 5 times and Leo 4 and so far squat! Seriously, can someone please  put them out of their misery …oh wait, forget that, I really enjoy watching their disappointed fake smile faces.

Meryl Streep is on her 18th nomination and hoping to snatch a fourth statue (from Cate’s grasp) to  plonk on  her mantel.

Oh and Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t disappointed , she just face planted on the red carpet. That makes it two years running. You go girl.

OK, here are the Loon’s predictions

Best Actress. Probably Cate but hoping for Meryl (she does the best acceptance speeches). Would really love Sandra Bullock to pull it off so that it can confirm that the whole damn Oscar voting system is rigged. Seriously, take off those 3D glasses and the film is simply about the unluckiest bitch in space.  Why was she nominated?

Best Actor Matthew McConaughey, because losing copious amounts of weight or sticking on a prosthesis in the name of art is automatic win in Hollywood. The surprise curve ball could be Bruce Dern because we all know the Academy likes to give an Oscar to the elderly , saves them all the guilt of not giving them one when they really deserved it.

Best Supporting Actress The woman with the name I can’t pronounce … yeah her.

Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto because no one cares or has heard of the other nominees.


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5 responses to “It’s Oscar Night

  1. My favorite Oscar is the one on Sesame Street.

  2. I think Dicaprio cried a bucket full after
    that announcement, aww poor thing 😦 lmao
    Maybe next time, or the next, or…

    Great to have you back Loon 🙂 😉 xxxx

  3. Never watch award shows, don’t know why they annoy me.

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