Ken, Is That You?

coughOK, I’m not sure I can even picture this. A barefoot man dressed as Barbie allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman in a retail store bathroom. The man in the Barbie doll costume squeezed under the locked stall door and grabbed the woman, who somehow managed to flee the loo. Damn, where is GI Joe when you need him?

Psst Seriously, do they even make Barbie Doll costumes for men?


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7 responses to “Ken, Is That You?

  1. That would have been some squeeze!!!

  2. What a load of bull… you would kick the shit out of Barbies face as she squeezed under the door…would you not?…CCTV footage please as this is beyond believing any of it…..

  3. Obviously thought he was in with a chance, but what a freak 😦 lmao Hey Loon it’s great knowing that you’re back after having been away on your scouting trip, I mean your working holiday, I mean… Well you know? 🙂 lol Did you get a chance for any wild girlie nights out on the town, if so then I hope that there wasn’t any idiots in Barbie outfits chancing their luck 😦 *gulp*

    Andro xxxx

  4. No, they don’t make them for men but whoever can fit them can wear them. I guess he didn’t like Batman or Superman suits, going in a women’s bathroom and all.

  5. Was this in Australia? Maybe he was dressed as a BBQ.

  6. Okay, dressed as Barbie he would have to be small. Why would you not just begin kicking in the face of the freak as he squeezed in?

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