Toughen Up Princess

princess 2Oh, a spoiled little cheerleader has got her pom-poms all in a knot after she stormed out of her house for not doing her chores and has now been cut off financially by her pissed off parents. The little princess is not taking this lying down. Nope, she is suing her parents for financial support which includes paying high school and college fees (plus expenses) oh and of course she wants them to cough up for her court fees. All this despite the fact she is friggin 18 and has told her parents ‘I don’t want to live under your rules’ . Hmm, I see where this is heading …one empty seat at Christmas dinner.

Psst I hope she gets Judge Judy


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9 responses to “Toughen Up Princess

  1. Slap her prat arse till she turns blue in the face…problem solved.

  2. HAHAHA kids huh? Oh well I wish her all the best but feel sure that she’ll be put right back in her box where she belongs!

  3. She’ll probably win.

  4. I wonder what she will do with her pom-poms?🙂

  5. susi spice

    Well for this and the now fashionable “affluenza”, we have society and certain “child experts” to blame.

    Parents can’t punish kids,
    Children r told they have a right to call the police if ur parent so much as raises their voice
    Can’t tell a child off because it “psychologically scars them”
    Parents can’t force a teenager to stay home at night but if that teen gets into trouble it’s the parents fault.

    Well bleeding hearts and pro-child libertarians, how do we solve a problem like Maria huh?

    It’s too late. This chick is a lost cause.

  6. The judge slapped her down!

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