Asian Onesies Fad

What is up with Asians and onesies? On my resent trip to Honkers I bumped into two onesie wearers paying homage to their fav animals. The first I couldn’t snap because it was at the airport as I was getting patted down and metal detected, while she, dressed in a panda onesie, nonchalantly slipped passed all the security. NO, I wouldn’t make that up. The second , a roo wearing onsie dude, was not going to get away without a snap.

Kanagroo onesie


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11 responses to “Asian Onesies Fad

  1. susi spice

    bahaha ur such a hypocrite, ive seen you wear your Tigger onesie😛 haha

    • Susi next time snap her, we ALL want to see that. I believe her Loon I believe you’d wear a onesie . Also you are not gonna believe this but for all the yanks on here we have $2.00 shops here and they a have their place believe me. Well Loon as I told you I’m at the beach house and I went to one today to get a sun visor, shiny thingy for my car and I spotted some dress up costumes for children and you are not going to believe what one of them was !!!! That’s it “JESUS ” I kid you not and I didn’t have the camera with me or my phone. I thought ” Loon will never believe this Jesus is finally visiting the $2.00 shop”. TRUE ! Keep an eye out for they are possibly coming your way

      • susi spice

        haha u in the states Anne?? where??

      • Susi I’m in Melbourne, Williamstown but they have a new $2.00 shop. Jesus dress ups in Melbourne. I can’t having the yanks thinking that they have carte blanche on all things weird and wonderful. Most things …. but this is a first in Melbourne lol. I may just have to make the effort tomorrow to go back and take a photo.

  2. It serves you right for wearing a bikini, of course
    you were their choice for being patted down😉 lmao xxxx

  3. Where are the wombat onesies?

  4. Is he wearing this to work? Really, in public and everything? I would have snapped also.

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