It’s Penguin Pullover Time

penguin-pulloverIt’s that time of the year again ladies and some gents. Get your knitting needles at the ready, its penguin pullover time. The Penguin Foundation has just sent a global call out for knitters to make little jumpers for penguins in rehab. The woollen jumpers are used to keep the penguins (who have been caught in oil spills) warm and to prevent them from trying to clean the toxic waste off with their beaks. The foundation also distributes the jumpers to other wildlife rescue centres if needed. If you are keen here is the pattern ….

Penguin Pullover Knitting Pattern.


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9 responses to “It’s Penguin Pullover Time

  1. Poor babies, evil humans for putting them in the situation in the first place. I wish I knew how.

    • Oh Binky what a great idea ! I just read a lovely story on NINEMSN about a little three year old girl cutting off her hair so that kids with cancer can have some of hers. Breaks my heart when I read stories like that. Her mum and dad should be so proud. So now we get knitting !

  2. It’s a good idea🙂
    Now where are my
    knitting needles…

    • How good is that Andro , you can knit??

      • I have had a go years ago
        but I wasn’t very good😦 lol
        I am handy with a crossbow
        though🙂 xxxx

      • Ok Andro… Just use two crossbows then pull your yarn with pointy finger over crossbow one now pull crossbow one under crossbow two and roll pointy finger across both crossbow spearheads. Repeat the process until you have what looks like a tea cosy and bingo…you have a penguin suit…real easy…Good luck my good friend.

  3. I can imagine you shooting an apple off someone’s head🙂

  4. Cop: Pull over!!! Pull Over!!!
    Penguin: Did I do something wrong officer???
    Cop: No little fella I wanted you to stop ‘cos I have a pullover for you

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