Please Sir, More

applaudAhhh want a hear a feel good story? Yeah, thought you might. Stand up Cayden Taipalus and take a bow. This little 8 year old was so upset when he saw his friend go without a hot lunch at school, because he had no money left in his lunch account,  he decided to raise money to pay off ALL of the overdue school lunch accounts at his school. Wait there’s more. After he raised enough to pay off the 150 overduers, he and his mom started an online fund raiser and now have $15,000 in the kitty and are planning to pay off overdues at other schools. Hmm, in my day that was the role of the government…just saying.


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3 responses to “Please Sir, More

  1. The government here has forgotten what it’s supposed to do and by the way Loon you ain’t getting no pension so start working double shifts cause you are now getting squat never mind a free lunch. Did you see this report on TV the other night? Look out Abbott cause the old grey army will hunt you down and KEEEEEL you.

  2. Now and again there are great stories. Why so often is it the children teaching us what we are supposed to do?

  3. Loon are you enjoying your weekend 🙂 😉 xxxx

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