When All Else Fails

Main diet of flies

Main diet of flies

A German backpacker who went missing after attempting to walk from Queensland to Uluru has survived for 3 weeks by …. wait for it… eating flies. Harsh. The 26 year old, who was picked up by two men, who found him wandering near Cooper’s Creek, seemed to be in good health and just wanted something less disgusting to eat and some ciggies.

Psst Hey Bearman, you remember eating flies on your trip Down Under, don’t ya?


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4 responses to “When All Else Fails

  1. Hey Loon, Iwonder what he
    will be eating with his soup?😦 lol xxxx

  2. He’ll be looking for the flies now Andro, all that protein, yummy yummy.

  3. That’s still gotta be better than drinking your urine. Ya hear me Bear Grylls,, ya hear me???

  4. Oh yeah he eats some gross shit does he not? He must have a very forgiving stomach. Didn’t he drink Camel pee Tony???… Out of a Blundstone ?I hate it when he leaves entrails hanging out his mouth, it grosses me out lol.

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