Where Are You flight MH370?

Question 3OK, first of all, thoughts and prayers to the 239 souls on the missing Malaysian Airline and their families.

I have been flipping stations all weekend following the disappearance of the plane.  I can’t believe  the lack of info coming from authorities. In this day and age you would think some kind of beacon would be coming from the plane or even from a passenger’s mobile device on the plane. Come on Samsung and Apple, can’t you check? Hello, even my friggin phone can track down my exact whereabouts 24/7 whether I like it or not.

How the hell did 4 passengers carrying fake passports get on the plane? I thought all passport numbers go directly to a database? Someone at the KL airport is in deep shit.

I am still confused about the Japanese pilot who claims he spoke to the Malaysian Airline co-pilot moments after the plane was announced missing.

Anywho, here are my theories …. A) That Chinese Islamic group, who set off a bomb in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in October and stabbed innocent commuters at a railway station  last month, are behind this.Reasoning? The plane was pack with mainly Chinese residents.

B) One of the four passengers using a fake passport attempted to hijack the plane. That Kim Jung Un is a sneaky bastard.

C) There was a catastrophic kaboom, caused by either a mechanical malfunction or from a missile. The Vietnam Navy were very quick to say they picked up the plane crashing on their radar.



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14 responses to “Where Are You flight MH370?

  1. Whatever happened it’s just shocking. I’m thinking terrorism too Loon but the same group? Why haven’t they claimed it ? They are usually quick to lay claim to their terrorist killing ways. Regardless, RIP to all you poor innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Also saddened by the passing of our very own Wendy Hughes loon . A great no nonsense Australian actress taken far too quickly. Only 61 RIP Wendy, loved your work.

  3. susi spice

    i know, so sad. I think ur theory A is very plausible also C. so sad. My sister and her bf were flying back from Melb this avo. he said he couldnt stop thinking about the MH370 while in the air haha. they landed safely thank God.

  4. Oh Loon you could be right. They found a door this morning and maybe it was “Kaboomed” off.

  5. It would seem to indicate that the plane is completely gone from an explosion.

    • I would believe that if it wasn’t such a busy Asian corridor. An explosion would be seen by other planes or boats. The Vietnamese Navy would have picked it up on their radar. It is all too strange….. hmm, maybe LOST?

  6. I just read that too Binky and the number of false passports now up to four. Very sad indeed but terrorists will always find a way around such a thing to “KILL”

  7. I was watching the news this morning, there have been no planes that have simply disappeared in many years so they do expect to find it and figure out what happened. I think you are right Loon, this is very suspicious; especially given the issue of the stolen passports.

    I am very sorry you have a family member on the plane. I will keep your family in my heart and hope there is word soon what happened.

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