Anyone Seen a Plane?

Airplane windowI’m not the one to be impatient or anything but seriously, can’t anyone find the missing Malaysian Airlines plane? And to think they got a man on the moon in 1969!!!! I can’t believe on day 5 the navy suddenly announces they tracked it an hour after it went missing going the wrong way.  Hmm, that knowledge would have been handy on day friggin one. Seriously people , terrorists must be watching this with delight. I thought big brother was watching our every move, but it seems more like big brother’s baby sis.

The plane couldn’t have gone missing in a more populated area, with one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world yet nothing. I don’t get it. Rumours are flying that the Malaysian government maybe secretly negotiating with hijackers. Anyone want to borrow my tin foil hat?


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7 responses to “Anyone Seen a Plane?

  1. Probably had a whistle blower on board.

  2. I swear to God Video Ezy would have them by now lol

  3. susi spice

    Has anyone tried to look on google earth yet?

  4. A guy working on an oil rig saw a plane coming down burning. Now this guy notified Vietnam of the coordinates of the rig and sent this passport details to confirm that he is actually where he says he is and we are only just finding out about this now too.!!

  5. It is hard to believe. Whatever happened it must have been high up or in a remote place for no one or virtually no one to have seen anything.

  6. There is a term for this, it is very impolite and I won’t use it here. This search seems to be riddled with holes though and my sympathy is with the families waiting to hear anything of what happened to their loved ones.

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